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By Anonymous
I shaw in some official comic that kalameet can talk I’m sorry what
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
yep apparently there's some book series of dark souls and kalameet talks to haval in one I'm just as confused as you
By Anonymous
ignore this commenter they are saying bull s h i t
By 0rion
He uses magic attacks and physical attacks so try

Big Hat
Dingy Robe
Black Sorcerors Gauntlets
Maiden Skirt/Bloodstained skirt which have the highest magic defended if maxed out

For shields if you want to turtle you want super high stability and preferably high magic defense. For that Havels great shield or Stone great shield (I used this) are great if u have 50+ or 38+ strength respectively

I also used the spell stone plate ring and
By 0rion
The fap ring. All togethor if your shields up you can take the breath attacks head on with relatively little damage. You'll need to be careful with stamina though if you use the stoneshield since the 80 stability isn't quite as good as other greatshields.
By Anonymous
wonder what type of fire kalameet actually is breathing anyway
By Anonymous
Its probably a variation of the black flame pyromancy, maybe the pyromancer who created it (black flame) took harnessed kalameets power, like what logan did with seath
By Anonymous
On NG, I killed him with his own tail. For NG+, after 10 defeats, I decided it wasn't working out. So, I tested whether or not he can bleed. He can!!! I repeat... HE BLEEDS!!! I eviscerated him rather quickly. I witnessed the bleed proc twice. Not too mention a fully upgraded Gold Tracer has some awesome DPS in general. Great weapon for this fight.
By Anonymous
Can you summon an npc?
By Anonymous
Yes you can
By Anonymous
the one dragon even Gwyn feared respect kalameet respect
By Anonymous
If you’re struggling to cut his tail, try the Great Scythe.
By Anonymous
This mother****er deals real-life damage to your ears with his calamity mark attack.
By Anonymous
Now hear me out: We make fanart of Kalameet but Kalameet is a dragon girl (NOT ANTHRO)
You guys might think I'm a honry teenager and you're right about the teenager part BUT think about it. Also I'm prepared for le downvotes.
By Anonymous
Guy who wrote this here. I'm a teenager, and stumbled upon art of Kalameet as a dragon girl. I'm ashamed of this comment and completely forgot about it until this point. I hope you can forgive me.
By Anonymous
Now hear me out guys: We make fanart of Kalameet but Kalameet is a dragon girl (NOT ANTHRO). Some of you might think I'm a horny teenager and you're right about the teenager part BUT think about it! Also I'm prepared for downvotes.
By Anonymous
Piss Off, Wanker
By Anonymous
Do you know how little that would have cost you to just have not said that?
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