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By Anonymous
Is it worth fat rolling for the defense
By Anonymous
just use the smough armor
By grooq
If he was there for the gwyn fight there wouldn't be a fight.
By Anonymous
i really like using this armor with mask of the child as its one of the few armor sets where the mask doesnt look too bad.
By Anonymous
Finally... Dark Iron Child!
By Anonymous
i used this on my first ever character (black iron +5 GCS and dragontooth with a few sorceries and tin catalyst) and it will always hold a special place in my heart as my favorite heavy armor both aesthetically and defense wise
By Anonymous
this is like the black knight and silver knight set difference, but iron and black iron set (solaire and Tarkus's armor sets)
By edgelite
I think the leggings thumbnail is wrong
By Anonymous
si, se non sbaglio quelli sono i gambali delle ombre
By Anonymous
yes, yes it is
By Imalayan
fixed. was set to shadow leggings for some reason.
By Anonymous
Iron Markus still exists though