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By Anonymous
for some reason i don't see gwyndolin as evil as people say he is no idea why i mostly tend to leave him be in my play though just because i didn't have any reason to kill him
By Anonymous
plus he is a covenant leader
By Anonymous
Well I always considered him an arrogant bastard, right off the bat asking me to kneel. But yeah poor boy seems to have been left with all the family debt and is trying to uphold order in a stagnant world and is simply misguided in his approach to saving the world.
By Anonymous
Well here’s something new apparently gwyndolin is a real world name so somebody in irl is called gwyndolin huh the more you know
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By Vaedron
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Enough of this. Pointless gender wars and flaming will not be tolerated here, this is a gaming website. Gwyndolin is male. He is referred to as "末子" on the catalyst in the Japanese version, which means "last son". It is factual lore. Please take your internet gender study degrees/phobias back to Reddit or a chan site and stop flooding this page with comments we have to mass delete. Thank you.
By Anonymous
thanks for sorting this mess out
By Anonymous
If people can discuss lore on the site I don't see why people can't speculate about things like that?
By Anonymous
Lol 末子 means last child, not necessarily last son.
By Anonymous
Because there's literally no room for speculation. He's male, end of discussion. Any claims of "speculation" is actually just you cultists trying to force an agenda on us to further marginalize tomboys and femboys with your heinous ideology.
By Anonymous
Why is this single page moderated, while the rest of your comment sections are basically Blighttown???
By Anonymous
whatever but gwynevere never calls him brother and no one will fix it. Whoever wrote it was thinking of Yorshka. yall are lazy and argumentative.
By Anonymous
why do i want to see a sitcom of

gwyndolin Aldrich and the nameless king like Aldrich try's to eat gwyndolin in cleaver ways and the king try's to stop him while gwyndolin is just chilling
By Anonymous
Featuring pontiff sullyvahn
By Anonymous
God I love Gwyndolin
By Anonymous
his theme is so fitting it fits with his I'm only fighting you because your making me
By Anonymous
Even if you kill Gwyndolin, Gyenevere will still be present, and all the illusions. But if you then kill Gyenevere, you will not hear Gwyndolin's monologue.
By Anonymous
Gwyndolin is a beautiful boy~
By Anonymous
i feel sorry for gwyndolin hes not really a villain really hes just a son looking to make his father proud
By Anonymous
Why do I want to see a mod where gwyndolin rides on the nameless kings back like lothric

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