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By Anonymous
I love this weapon
By Anonymous
Your waifu is*****.
By Anonymous
Please change weapon type to crossbows
By Anonymous
wow this is the most empty discussion thingy I've seen on this wiki
By Anonymous
Wait, do the undead soldiers wielding swords really have a chance to drop crossbows? That sounds far-fetched to me. I would've assumed only the ones holding actual crossbows would do that (because...that makes sense).
By Anonymous
-Low requirements
-Acquired early
-Very strong for a long period of the game
-Can use shield
-Same range as black bow
-Target lock is fairly far

-Aims with target, which is inaccurate due to the bad camera of the game
-Reload time
-Needs binoculars or aim with bow for long shots
By Anonymous
Black bow have better range
By Anonymous
light crossbow whiegt same as shield perfect logic
By Anonymous
"Can not be modified towards Raw or Chaos"
+ Occult and Enchanted
By Anonymous
Yes. Only 6 modify types.
By Anonymous
Decent ranged weapon for SL1 runs.