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By Anonymous
Fighting seath can be very annoying, but my usual strat helps a ton. I usually go full havel’s for curse resist, equipping the cursebite ring. Then I usually get a lightning weapon, usually zweihander but anything works. Get the crystal out of the way, hug his stomach, and go crazy. The havel’s set and cursebite ring should allow you to kill him before he curses you, if your weapon is strong enough. Having a purging stone is pretty nice too. If anyone is going for the moonlight GS, there’s a nice video on yt that I’ll summarize, but all credit goes to that guy. Firstly, make sure to have great combustion and a strong enough pyromancy flame. Then, use the tactic above to make him break his own crystal. Run around and 1-2 combustion’s usually shred his tail instantly.
By Anonymous
Dis niqqa have a mf sword stuck in his tale bruh
By Anonymous
Yeah this Seath guy sounds like a real jerk. The more I hear about him, the less I like him.
By Anonymous
At least he's not a hypocrite
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