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By Anonymous
Hand slaps us all with his Manus.
By Anonymous
can i claim pro first time ever attempt and win if i summoned Sif? he took aggro off me, when i needed to drink me juice :3
By Anonymous
Big dumb demon monkey gets rekt by beef jerky and dog w/ sword
By Anonymous
I just realized after writing this that you must exit beef jerky form to acquire dog, I forgot because I was wearing armor
By Anonymous
Summon a dog while in jerky form, and you probably couldn't get it to stop chewing on your leg
By Anonymous
My method: Artorias shield, mask of child, ring of favor, magic resist ring, +15 zweihander, Havel set, lightning resin, circle close clockwise around him, 40 strength. Hope that helps! :)
By Anonymous
Lmfao no one needs help from an autistic shield-tard kid in a havel set. Stfu and gtfo troll.
By Anonymous
huh apparently manus has children someone in ds2 is meant to be related to him
By Anonymous
Wonderful how there's no strategy for mages. Probably just hoping for the best
By Anonymous
LOL 2 dislikes from braindead sad in life sorceres and pyros, gotem.
By Anonymous
If you're playing a mage, cast soul spears after you dodge his attacks. When you run out of soul spears, dark bead him. There. You have a strategy now.
By Anonymous
Never bought the DLC on the 360 version so DSR was my 1st time facing Manus, him + Artorias + Kalameet were all superb fights and a step up from the main game's bosses.

Only just failed vs Manus the 1st time then got him the 2nd time with an all-out attack when I only had a slither of health + no estus left.

Great boss, an incredibly tough fight + didn't need to be the Soulsborne equivalent of a bullet sponge with his health bar to inflate the difficulty like certain other bosses that get fawned over do in the later games.
By Anonymous
A real shame that Sif is practically useless in this fight, i thought Sif wanna smack the **** out of Manus
By Anonymous
10000 health thats ******* he has way more than that
By Anonymous
i think he just needed a friend that's why he took dusk
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