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By Anonymous
If you play on the Switch you just need one slab, do the Framp item dupe and now you have 99. I don't recommend doing this if you are new to the game because this takes fun out of it. Every player should experience the frustration and joy of farming and there are a few items (divine blessing and the mushroom) that makes the game easy mode. However, if you already done several playthroughs and just want to quickly do a build this glitch can get you the materials and souls you need in less than a day's work.
By Anonymous
Doing a quality build and was assisting players with boss fights. This one guy dropped 3 slabs. They will be put to good use for sure. Anyways, sometimes doing co-op pays off.
By Anonymous
I recommend trying the crystal lizards in the great hollow before farming the dark wraiths. It's tricky but there are some good youtube videos that show a walkthrough of the area. Great combustion it's very effective. There are 10 lizards there and all have a chance of dropping a slab. On my runs I usually get at least 2, sometimes 3 slabs.
By Anonymous
My last 2 runs have resulted in 0 slabs from the Great Hollow, super annoying.
By Anonymous
lol just use Andre's Mutiple Item and Negative Drop glitch. F farming
By Anonymous
need this to level up my GS..... easiest way to get? pls help
By Anonymous
stray demon, the one in kalameet's arena and Siegmeyer quest are guaranteed, so i would argue those are the easiest ones, in that order
By pelida77
The stray demon is a tough fight if you don't know what you are doing (maybe is a good time to learn?). If you have a GS (greatsword?) + 14 perhaps it would be easy to farm Darkwraiths in New Londo. They are very predictable: block, go for a BS (don't make too much noise) they have a very small chance of dropping a slab... But it is do-able, back in the day I used to farm them for hours just to max out all my weapons
By Anonymous
For those wondering how long it takes to farm a Slab from the darkwraiths: I collected 20+ chunks before I got a single slab and it took hours. Gold Serpent ring and 10+ liquid humanity.

Good luck.
By Anonymous
Depends on luck. I had one build where the very first one I killed dropped a slab and other times I spent hours trying to get one.
By Anonymous
3 in 1 hour. 10 humanity + gold ring + symbol of avarice.
By Anonymous
Friendly reminder that the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and the Symbol of Avarice DO NOT stack.
By Anonymous
I feel kind of bad for don't completing siegmyer's quest in my recent plays (I'm trying to get platinum so my patience for making these stuff is pretty weak) and end up with only one slab
By Anonymous
either the stray demon does not drop a slab or you dont get it if you die while you kill him
By Anonymous
It should drop on the ground where you killed it.
By Anonymous
Stray demon does drop a slab everytime but as it is not a unique item if you don't pick it up before resetting the area (dying, bones, darksign, etc.) then it is gone forever :(
By Anonymous
Uhh I didnt get one from the Stray demon in Asylum revisited? I'm assuming a glitch which... is another one of the hundred things FromSoft could've fixed with this cash grab sold as a Remaster. Seriously they had SO much more money in 2018 than when they first made this game and yet they did nothing but improve *some* textures and give it 60fps. Also you can now warp to ONE more bonfire in the catacombs because F*ck you.
By Anonymous
FromSoftware didn't make the remaster...
By Anonymous
They didn’t make the remaster you idiot.
By Anonymous
Quit b*tching
By Anonymous
Farmed two slabs in an hour, farmed one balder side sword in about 2 hours. FML.

Side note, the vagrant that spawns sometimes really freshens up the whole farming experience. Had two spawn within an hour. Some people must have been having a really bad day lol.