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By Anonymous
He has such a sinister tone in his voice when he tells you reah fell down in the depths of the catacombs. He’s evil but committed to his goals nonetheless
By Anonymous
Wonder if he "paid" patches or reached an "understanding"
By Anonymous
There is only one proper punishment for those who betray their own waifu. BURN HERETIC
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
"Be wary of wretch"
By Anonymous
The one "sin" Im proud of is driving my longsword deep in his lying lard.
By Anonymous
I rescued reah from totg and she went to undead church but petrus wont appear he's still alive what do i do?
By Anonymous
I went to firelink and reah was there hostile but when i go to undead church she was praying
By Anonymous
I tried talking to him to get the shrug gesture but I accidentally pressed R2 and agroed him. I still killed him at early sl and I don’t feel bad for killing him at all.
By Anonymous
He's pretty easy, just don't mess with chainmail man
By Anonymous
chain man is a pvp god
By TheSilverCrusader
Bruh yall say that chain boy is a god? I can easily merc him as soon as i spawn in firelink through parries
By Anonymous
Letting that miserable sanctimonious pig priest jump over the edge was the only sin I never dared to be ashamed of to commit.
By Anonymous
Thou be forgiven
By Anonymous
Turns out he's allergic to getting stabbed in the back.
By Anonymous
**** Petrus
Fun fact
"Lund" is slang for ***** in Hindi so Petrus is from Thoro-*****
By Anonymous