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this isnt a yt comment section
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No one cares.
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Damn, people here will really hate you just to hate you. ****ing pathetic.
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For some reason their standing up animation is invincible on my game.
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By k0dlak
This is intentional. Much like many other enemies that have a passive stance, e.g. sleeping enemies, enemies hidden within the environment (Ents), they receive invincibility frames during the animation sequence out of their idle positions.
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They are weak to bashing weapons. A +5 reinforced club with 12 strenght two handed takes them down in two hits. Note: their Tranquil Walk of Peace lasts only 10 seconds
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how are you supposed to deal with these guys with dex weapons? they immediately cast TWoP on me and then thats that.
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i use uchigatana and wanderer curved sword to parry. and the best way for me is to beat him for behind, when you hear/see him first cast, run-lure him away and count his steps (10-20) and then i go in and finish him.
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Same i hate that miracle
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SL35 with a Zweihander. Despite slash damage, it obliterates stone knights. 2 2H R2 and they're done for. Elite Knight set is enough to trade and get the kill.
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curiosity they are left handed just like artorias and ivory king
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Artorias isn't left-handed
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lore wise, Artorias is left-handed. in the fight with Manus, he breaks his left hand blocking an attack meant for Sif. that's why, when the player reaches the coloseum, Artorias uses his right hand. Artorias is such a great fighter and he doesnt even use his dominant hand in the boss fight.

It's like FromSoft saying to us " wow, congratz. you finally beat him after 10-20 attempts. BTW. he is left handed and in your fight his left is completely broken. think if he was at 100% and not insane *kiss* "
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i've got a +10 Claymore, the two handed heavy attack punches through them like water through a paper bag
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all ya gotta do is upgrade the club to +5 and two hand it to one shot em
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look guys i was just trying to take a stress walk in the woods I've died 10 times today so i wanted to chill
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Has anyone looked into the lore implications of these guys? Could they be the decayed version of the Stone Guardians of the Royal Wood?