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By JohnBarard
So based on what I've read online, this is what I know about farming Loyce Souls:

- Farm them before killing the Burnt Ivory King, otherwise their numbers drop significantly.
- Stuff that increases item drop rate generally makes the Loyce Knights drop their equipment, not their souls - however, it is possible that, after dropping enough equipment, the souls will start dropping more often (only saw one person suggest this, so it may be totally false).
- The drop rate increases noticeably if you either summon (players or NPCs) or if you yourself are summoned (with you as the summon getting the best chance of good drops).
- The drop rate decreases after about 20 souls (not sure if this affects your drop rate as a summon or not - I assume not).
- The drop rate increases on subsequent playthroughs (I'm still on my first one and want to get the souls the first time 'round, so just including this here so you know that I know).
- The drop rate may or may not be affected by using a Bonfire Ascetic (but I'd rather not burn any for this anyway - again, including it just so you know that I know).

Despite this knowledge, I have only obtained 10 souls in about 2 1/2 hours, and no luck whatsoever being summoned by others. Is there anything I'm missing from here which could help me rip more Loyce Souls out of their proper owners? And on a somewhat-related note, if I summon randos to help me farm, is there any way to convey to them that I don't want to kill the boss (and will therefore kick them out before the boss spawns)? I summoned people once and felt kind of crappy kicking them out right as the final portal appeared.