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By Anonymous
No lo vuelvo a jugar ni con vuestro tiempo
By Anonymous
Is this the only souls game where there is no graveyard?
By Anonymous
Erm... grave of saints? The crypt?
By Anonymous
Well the undead crypt is a one big graveyard
By Anonymous
While I love this game, it sometimes reeks of troubled development.
To be fair, Dark Souls 1 has this problem as well. (Lost Izalith could've been the best area in the game if they had more time)
By Anonymous
I like how wacky this game is; the weird hand things in black gulch being a good example. They're just hand snake things that live in oil. Why? Who knows! It's great
By Anonymous
Game not recomended for those with arachnophobia.
By Anonymous
What is the most obscure mechanic in the game?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Soul memory and how matchmaking for co op and PvP works. It’s the only game in the series that works this way and it was not good to say the least.
By Anonymous
Probably the god/god matching ring system. I still have no idea how it works but it intrigues me to no end
By Anonymous
At least there are no catacombs in this game.
By Anonymous
Skeleton Lords are a pretty much a boss version of the catacombs, just without the cool exploration.
(I love the catacombs because of how many secrets there are)
By Anonymous
Lol this is truly the wild Wild West! I love and hate this game like every game. I love it when I’m winning and hate it when I’m losing.
By Anonymous
Which is the scariest location in the game?
By Anonymous
the only thing that i really like about this game is reinforcing armor
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