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By Anonymous
Does summoning a red phantom count towards the the bell covonant?
By Anonymous
By Chest-of-Death
I feel like it doesn't but I never tried it. It does sound like a good solution to circumventing the atrocious grind.
By Anonymous
time to invade people at looking glass knight
By Anonymous
Get it with Brotherhood of blood covenant. Doesn't count towards it's own covenant.
Ridiculous grind for this covenant anyway.
Thanks Dark souls 2...
By Anonymous
does defeating a summoned red spirit grant soul ?
I thought it did, but did not seem to get any the last few summons
By Anonymous
the dragon sign gets you summoned far more often
By Anonymous
I use this while waiting for bell keeper invasions otherwise the dragon eye seems to work better
By Anonymous
is it compatible with the engraved ring? so a friend could summon you for pvp?