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pyromancer DO appear in NG after using an aescetic. SOTFS PC
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i love this boss, she is so cool i've beaten her in 6º attenpt
I believe that she is a creature that one day made a sin against the king, with that she was imprisoned in the bastille by the pursuer, entity that hunts those who threaten drangleic, and she was imprisoned for this and with her the soul of the Witch of Izalith.
that's why the monsters attack you they want to stop you from reaching it
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man or woman doesn't matter, please don't smash that walking cadaver. :)
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"She" clearly has a beard and a masculine build. Concept art reveals it was never meant to be a woman. Probably wasn't a mistranslation like the butchers in DS1 so someone must have just tacked it on to fit better with representing the witch of izalith.
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By Anonymous
You know women can grow facial hair right? Considering how long she was there she was likely unable to groom herself
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The she in question isn't the body slamming us with an ultra greatsword but the chaos bug that's possesing it. There's your Witch of Izalith fragment.
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Pretty easy fight with both Luet and Lucatiel summoned. This is one of the riskier fights for Lucatiel if you're doing her quest. Sinner has big sweeping attacks so it doesn't really matter who she targets. She tends to hit everybody around her equally. If Lucatiel dies, just use a homeward bone and try again. Alternatively you can let the boss kill you and then you'll be able to re-attempt.
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One of my favorite bosses in ds2, imagine how powerful could be her if she hasn't the restrains, amazing.
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All I have to say is, is that everyone who thinks this boss is easy, never had the mispleasure of fighting her before From had to NERF her because of how difficult she was, y'all are lucky af lol.
By Anonymous
I do
I have the pure unpatched version 1.00
Pure Agony
By Anonymous
On my very first playthrough I killed the Sinner but without Lucatiel cause I killed her for her sword, then on my second playthrough I did Lucatiel's questline and then I felt bad killing her on the first one.
By Anonymous
Would NOT smash Lost Sinner, unsure about smashing Nashandra.
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A popular theory also sais that she is actually a man, a wizard, clearly having a beard under the mask. An italian youtuber identified him as Eygil, the iron king sorcerer, that punished himself to set fire to the iron castle. In this case he inherited the witch of Izalith soul, being partially transformed
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women can grow facial hair
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