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By Anonymous
Bruh why was it harder to get to this guy then it was to beat him
By Anonymous
General info says his weakness is Dark... Combat info says is weaknesses are fire and lightning, which one is true?
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By SpacebarEnthusiast
He has the lowest resistance to Dark, but you won't have Dark damage if you fight him as the first boss, so fire (Fire Longsword) and lightning (Gold PIne Resin) are the best buff choices.
By Anonymous
hes a tree now hes just chilling at lothric Firelink shrine
By Anonymous
I just can't guys, it's my 30th attempt at this, I've been stuck on this for a few hours, can someone help? I don't know how to get past second fase!!!
By Anonymous
just try to get at his back and hit ankles
By Anonymous
It's like "the dragons were hunted to extinction" thing in ds1 all over again
By Anonymous
Last giant my ***. Black gulch has giants as big if not bigger than this bimbo
By Anonymous
I belive this guy should be called Lost Giant, since he's clearlt not the last even in THIS game, you know the giant dudes in black gulch...