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By Anonymous
this boss has no right being so easy right after the insanity of fume knight
By Anonymous
i'm finding him harder than fume knight (powerstancing maces build)
By Anonymous
s-sir alonne~~!
By Anonymous
shut the f*ck up, j u s t s h u t t h e f * c k u p.
By Anonymous
Why is the boss so far from the bonfire and there are so many ****ing enemies in your path to the boss???? Dude, DS2 is the worst souls-like game ever, that's a fact... but this area is truly disgusting.
By Anonymous
Never had a problem getting there. Maybe look inwards instead of blaming the game.
By Anonymous
All three games feature some areas where you need to do a fair run to reach the boss area. That's not exclusive to the second installment. It'd be pretty easy if all of them had bonfires immediately before the fog gate. Getting to the boss is part of the challenge, so either you deal with it or go home.
By Anonymous
Just defeated Fume Knight (solo) and Sir Alonne (double summons)... Guys I am in deep agony, guess it was too much for me :(
By Anonymous
If you have problem, just roll backwards and then hit him, works on most of his attacks. He becomes joke.
By Anonymous
Fun fight. Much easier than Fume Knight and blue Smelter Demon since I could actually block his attacks without taking any chip damage, and no residual damage from standing near him. His attacks aren’t too hard to choreograph either, you just have to be on your toes at all times.
By Anonymous
He's Sir Alonne , meanwhile I'm Sir Alone ;(
By Anonymous
Git gudder
By Anonymous
I found that rolling backwards more or less dodges every single attack of his with a massive window to do so. Worked way easier than dodging to the right.

He jumps back readying to pierce attack, I roll backwards once. He attacks where I was a second later, and then I run up and get a few hits. Lights his sword up to do a grab attack? Dodge roll backwards, run up and get a few hits on the opening. I'm not a super good player and I only got hit once this way. Circle strafe around him so you always have room to back up, too.

I was under 25% armor with flynn ring and rapier since I was too lazy to change it from fume knight battle lol
By Anonymous
A much less tedious way to make this boss enjoyable is to do the runup as safe as possible (preferrably with summons), black crystal them out, and then make a backup save in front of the boss room (there should be tutorials to do this in youtube)

If you die, simply load up your backup save. This also works for farming items from nonrespawning enemies. I'd recommend to go offline mode when you do this though, just in case.
By Anonymous
Trying this boss in the champions covenant is a pain in the *** because I have to kill every npc. I will try the run method but it looks difficult.
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