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What is better than a quick, sharp and wide scimitar?

A quick,sharp and wide scimitar that is too heavy to block.
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the GOAT
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Imagine what a monster weapon this would be if it was not rusty and battle-worn.
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SPARTANS! Eat your breakfast or something, because TONIGHT, WE ARE GONNA DIE!
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I'm going into ng+ for two of these and you know why.
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No why?
Powerstance two of them?
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"uses the Curved Sword L2/LT power stance attack if used with a Dagger/Axe/Thrusting Sword in the other hand. Otherwise the L2/LT attack will be that of the other weapon's type." this is completely wrong. i was planning on using this with the gyrm axe for an extremely op power stance for a fun pve playthrough, so i get both weapons and get the stats only to find i have the ultra/great weapon downward slam, so i think i must just be using a special axe and try all the other axes, but they give the regular axe moveset (regardless of which hand each weapon is in). additionally you can use things like straight swords in the left hand and still get the curved sword moveset. so remember to never trust dextra kids