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By Anonymous
Drop rate must be less than 1%, Takes hundreds of kills to even get a drop, much less the weapon.
By Anonymous
Farming for it now, no *****ing kidding. I've gotten 2 souls of a nameless soldier and 5 lifegems out of probably 56 kills of these *****s at the Copse.
By Anonymous
Not 4 me lol
By Anonymous
Very good. Fun weapon, and does high damage criticals due to always inflicting Bleed on every backstab or riposte. The only big con is the wonky moveset.
By Anonymous
why is the drop rate so damn low? ugh cmon from this is ridiculous!!
By SingularitysMarauder
Get two Sickles. Dual wield them. Do not powerstance. Now do the light attack once with the right and then once left (or left then right, doesn't matter), repeat till you change your mind. This is an indefinite light attack combo that allows you to perform the long range light attack without the usage of exposing back scratcher/pulling attack.
By Anonymous
Errrrrr... no
By Anonymous
Haha I literally just got this on my 8th attempt of trying 2 farm this thing in harvest Valley and that’s without using any trinkets 2 boost my luck at all god damn I’m 1 lucky bastard
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By Anonymous
Will these drop from the enemies wielding them in Harvest Valley?
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By KitsuneTatsuki
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Yes, those are Artificial Undead, and the page proves already that they drop them.
By anarchy753
Apparently yes, though you were meant to guess their name as there's no links to the enemies.
By Anonymous
Yes, you can I just got one on my first playthrough
By Anonymous
I've been farming this shiny meat bicycle and it won't drop
By Anonymous
I got it!