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By Anonymous
"This is one of the three powerstance compatible boss weapons, the others being Ivory Straight Sword and Smelter Sword."
This is incorrect.
You can also powerstance the Dragonslayer Spear.
By Anonymous
You dumb weirdo it literally says that dragonslayer spear was one of them wow man kids wanna call someone wrong when their dumb asses cant even read. Your mother cant either to busy getting gutted by Jamal.
By Anonymous
Hopefully the idiot responding can see this. YOU are the idiot who can't read. This comment was made in 2017, the article was last updated in 2019, probably making the correction. You are actually the dumbass calling people out who can't read. GOOD JOB
By Anonymous
Destroyed in less
than 4hs. *click* nice
By Anonymous
I believe a black phantom in Belfry Sol uses this weapon
By Anonymous
That is correct.
By Anonymous
The fire damage + 5 is incorrect its 172 fire damage not 115
By Anonymous
Looks like a pumpkin on a stick lol
By Anonymous
always looking for this weapon since that ***** at belfry sol attacked me with it
By Anonymous
Hey don't you know my name? Spitfire! Hot in flames, inside and over!
By Anonymous
Is this a dragon *****?
By Anonymous
Dragon caulk