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By Anonymous
This walkthrough could use a rewrite. For example, whoever wrote this wrote a section on the small statue of a woman and how lighting it on fire with a torch will illuminate the area but spawn Dark Spirits. While this is correct it also says that ''approaching the statue of the right spawn Leydia Pyromancers'' but there aren't statues to the immediate right of the small female statue you light on fire. Whoever wrote this is obviously speaking about the room beyond the fog door but it never mentions going through the fog door. It also says something about ''section 4'' but doesn't clarify which section this is supposed to be.

So this page is ripe for a rewrite.
By Biggles159
2 invisible hollows on both sides of the last long room with the dragon rider. (4 total)
Also a butterfly on the roof that drops a radiant lifegem on leftside
Left side also has red phantom hidden behind a stone thingy
By Anonymous
The bonfire positioning in this area sucks! Having to go through the rocks over and over again just to beat the boss is a pain...
By Anonymous
there's a lever that opens a shortcut around the corner from it
By Anonymous
Be warned, in the corridor that leads to to boss fog door, I lured the Dragonrider all the way to the stairs that lead into the room with arrows, and he was able to ring to bell, under the stairs, by thrusting is spear through the stairs.
By Anonymous
2021 - do not go AFK at the bonfires in this area. People invade and intentionally break your gear - i mean - it's bad enough you were prolly afk after a death and had to go change a diaper or load the laundry machine real quick - only to come back and find that ALL your gear is broken and you have no souls to repair.
By Anonymous
Damn this happened to me as well. The most dumb invasion I’ve ever had. Where’s your honour, invader?!
By Anonymous
Whoever made the directions to get here was on crack. From the rise of the dead bonfire. Turn around and go back towards the demon of song until you get in a stone stucture. Once at the stone structure, turn right and you’ll see a door. Kill the guard and go down the elevator.