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By Anonymous
The enemies in the big halls after the first bonfire respawn indefinitely. While the ones before the bonfire will vanish eventually, the others will respawn even if you are not in the Company of Champions.
This makes it a great place for early grinding and farming Pharros Lockstones with the rats. The Gyrms and Primals drop a lot of stuff too, titanite Chunks, Stones and a lot of gear. You can sell that stuff to Gavel for 400-500 souls each. Just put on your best farming and grinding equipment, parry the Primals und backstab the Gyrms. Easy souls.
By Anonymous
I came here and I could not hurt or kill anything and they just stood there is that from rat king cov or a bug
By Anonymous
Btw this is the same guys just sayin don’t think I was in the cov but that’s like the only option
By Anonymous
Just had the same issue, like they have animations and models but no AI. Can't target them and attacks go through them, but you can't walk through them. Very strange.
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By Pdan4
For item farmers: I spent 45 minutes trying to get a Gyrm Greatshield. The part of this level past the arch & Gyrm's Respite bonfire... has a very very low droprate for some reason. Only like 1/3 of the Gyrms dropped anything at all, compared to 4/5 dropping for the part before the arch.
By Anonymous
Only 3 enemies will attack me here. Glitch?!
By Anonymous
Ah Rat Covenant. But why do some attack but not all? I have a Primal Knight, Gyrm and the mimic chest that attacked.
By Anonymous
It would seem ( unless I’m going crazy) that the primal knight just past the alligator door spawns indefinitely?

I haven’t been counting but yeah, feels I’ve done well over the stop number at this point
By Anonymous
Just a heads up, the chest on the second floor “guarded by a Warrior” has a crossbow rig in it.. yes, I know admin put “trapped chest” in the description, but my dumbass either scanned over that or subconsciously assumed he meant trapped as in guarded.. either way, there was no Warrior there guarding it when I got there.. idk if it’s because I’m in the Rat Cov (which is SUPER nice for this area) or what, but it was just sitting there looking suspiciously innocent.. just figured I’d reiterate the danger for my DS bro’s
By Anonymous
For me the traps are either the poison or crossbow
By Anonymous
how do i summon someone but to fight please someone respond thanks.:)
By Anonymous
There is no summon for this fight. Take out the rats first then take on the big boi if you are having trouble
By Anonymous
This is false: " Big Stone Door: The 3 locks each opens one side of the door, you only need to open the one in front, underwater. Contains a Primal Knight and a chest holding the Santier's Spear. When in the Rat Covenant, still contains a Primal Knight, however requires all three opened for him to get him out, which allows you to walk around him. " You don't need to open all 3... you can easily just open the middle one and roll past the elephant, even when in the Rat Clan.
By Anonymous
yea i agree with ya
By Anonymous
They weren't saying that you need to open all three sections of the door. They were saying that all three sections of the door would need to be opened in order for the Primal Knight to fit through and come out. Of course, there's no reason to do that.
By Anonymous
It would be so he could help fight trespassers.
By Anonymous
After the bull*****storm that was Shaded Forest I was pleasantly surprised by this area. The water is a bit annoying, yes, but not nearly as prevalent as it looks at first glance. Mastodons are big and hit hard but are otherwise very manageable, Gyrms are stupidly easy to backstab and rats are few and far between. Glad to see an area that isn't oppressive or otherwise just throws cheese at you nonstop.
By Anonymous
Also the water is a godsend if you have lightning, either from a cleric or sunbro build.
By Anonymous
Next character you make go for powerstance with dual maces, then work on stamina. I thought it was hard too until I went for powerstance maces. I got through the woods plus boss on first try. Strike damage works well in this game, so does powerstance, so get ur stamina up to 55 so you can do 4 powerstanced L1's in a row & take half a bosses life in one combo.