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By Anonymous
Cancer boss fight. Exemplary of terrible game design. Nice to see they let the summer interns make a boss fight though.
By Anonymous
I think they did a pretty decent job at emulating the average Dark Souls invasion except they could've replaced the bow guy with a crystal soul spear spammer and give them some heals.
By Anonymous
Kill me a million times over for saying this, but I think I'm a little too positive for my own good. Because I enjoyed this fight somewhat.
By Anonymous
Incredibly unfair and frustrating fight, basically 1v3 pvp unless you bring summons. With 2x NPC-s on your side it's just about tolerable in NG, but in NG+ both your helpers will have seemingly the same HP as before, meaning they will both be vaporized before you even had a chance to kill 1 of the opponents. So enjoy the 1v3...
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
On my no healing, two hand melee only save....this is the hardest fight in the game. I’ve died 80 times and counting.
By Anonymous
Used 80 poison arrows to kill them. Use a lighting bow, it staggers them when hit. Also focus the archer first, and the guy with havel set last, because he uses estus flasks and heals himself
By Anonymous
This has always been my least favourite boss in DS2, and I guess that's saying a lot, considering the amount of garbage bosses this game has. Anyways, I've always found this fight very frustrating, and I think it still is, if you're a melee guy, but as I'm going through with my hexer-build, this actually wasn't all that bad. My tips would be that you should make sure you have at least two sets of Dark Fog and banish summons at the door, since they're pretty useless and make the fight lot harder than it needs to be. What I did was that I went straight away right and used the little ledge there to make the two melee fellas stop for long enough for the fog to take it's effect. After that I just run around like a headless chicken evading attacks and arrows, and if possible, poison the archer as well. When the poison effect runs out, rinse and repeat. Eventually one of them dies (usually Graverobber), and the fight gets way easier, and by the time you get two of them to fall, you can just use your dark orbs or any attack you prefer on the last one. It's honestly not too bad of a fight if you do it the poisoner's way.
By Anonymous
This fight is really meant for ugs class and up. And boy oh boy is it fun to gank spank the **** out of them with a ugs. I slapped on the stone ring, buffed the zewihander and beat this boss fairly easily.

If you ever get the king's ugs, and buff it, then the fight is a joke. That havel monster will die easily and if you land a back stab then its game over for these guys.
By Anonymous
Funny how no one mentioned, but the titanite these chuckle****s drop is supposed to be in a room full of chests above Elana's boss arena, in one of the rooms with the rotating wheels - chests that are open & empty when you find them.

"Finders, keepers" where you kill the finders. Lol
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