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By Anonymous
Twinblade got a durability buff it seems. Instead of 150 durability, it now sports 210.
By Anonymous
Sotfs has 210
By Cosplay_Tribal
This weapon looks just like a Rune Tooth from Final Fantasy IX. I'm not wrong, am I?
By Anonymous
Be wary of Pointless
By Anonymous
Be wary of Salt
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
good weapon to help you get through most areas. for armored bosses, use a hammer-type weapon for i learned this trick for Ruin Sentinels, Gargoyles and other similar opponents
By Anonymous
Sure does look neat.
By Anonymous
Sotfs has 210 Durability
By Anonymous
I infused it with poison and now it's trash. What's the point of slow ticking away enemies/bosses health when you can just kill them faster with pure damage? The longer time to kill just makes u more likely to get hit/die while waiting.
By Anonymous
its useful for enemies with high health and short windows to attack. You can poison and strafe around while their health ticks down, and get a counter hit in. Example is in black gulch, the giants in the bottom level are much easier if you poison one or both and then run in and out of the room with the chest to get a couple hits in and then hide to reset.

By Anonymous
You poison, then switch to a different weapon for dps.
By Anonymous
There's way better poison weapons tbh. Mytha's dagger builds up toxic as well, the spotted whip can proc in two hits, and the manslayer does pretty good damage and will often kill before inflicting poison, just to name a few
By Anonymous
I remember hating this thing when I found it on my first playthrough. I have no idea what changed but I'm having a blast with it now! Don't let that low base damage fool you. This beast hits two to three times per attack, and with proper stamina investment, the combos melt health bars. At least in PVE. No clue about PVP.
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By TheWeegeeman
Twinblades are very good for PvP. They are generally considered one of the scariest PvP weapons, due to how unpredictable they are, and how easily they stun-lock opponents.
By Anonymous