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By Anonymous
Anyone think this looks like an inverted hunters symbol?
By Anonymous
Out of many complaints I have from this game, the PvP is atrocious! Swords with longer range than spears, hitbox issues, no I-frames when dodging etc. etc. On top of everything, you do not GAIN rank from successful invasions.. I'm just going to buy all the stuff and kill the little guy.
By Anonymous
To fix your no i frame issue lvl up adp
By Anonymous
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but on the bridge map, if you jump off after defeating the other player does it still count as a win?
By Anonymous
yes it does, on any map if you die right after the other opponent dies than you still get the win
By Anonymous
okay good
By Anonymous
why tf is everyone one shotting me and im doing pathetic dmg? My SM is 500k, lvl 90 vit is 30, armor is pretty good too. Im using mainly pyromancies with offhand uchi/washing pole
By Anonymous
There are many secrets in this game
By Anonymous
Most people are SL150 with maximum weapon and armor upgrades. Come back later.
By Anonymous
Because you didn't dodge
By Anonymous
Are you sure you don't mean Vigor when you say Vitality? Leveling Vitality to wear heavier armor is a poorer investment in this game than is others. When you're leveling your VIT to 30 you could be throwing more points into VIG to hit 40 or 50 total Vigor. That's why everyone is one-shotting you.

Look into which pyromancies are ideal for PvP; Great Combustion, Great Fireball, Firestorm, Flame Swathe, Lingering Flame and Fire Whip are all great pyromancies for PvP that you can get multiples of on regular NG. At higher game cycles, it can be feasible to get doubles of Fire Snake, Great Chaos Fireball and Chaos Storm. Use Forbidden Sun at your own peril as it takes up three attunement slots per copy. Even Immolation can be useful for finishing off your opponent.

You'll already be aware of needing to upgrade your Pyromancy Flame, but don't be afraid to generally level up to more meta PvP levels like 150. Your pyromancies will scale off your combined INT and FAI up to a cap of 60. Using the Desert Sorceress Hood will actually give you an extra 3 INT, so you can feel free to put points into something else. A Longsword alone can be enough to roll catch in PvP.

You probably knew a lot of that already but I hope at least some of this helped!
By Anonymous
So let’s say my freind who just started the game gets into this cov, I have 22million sm. Would he still be able to match with me?
By Anonymous
The game only tries to match SM ranges at the start but after waiting a while without getting a duel it’ll search for any players so yes but it won’t be direct
By Anonymous
I want to join
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