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By Smithy_Winfred
Fastest way to hollow yourself: Basilisk at Old Allekare Bonfire (shaded woods BF#1). Petrification increases hollowing by a lot (2-3 deaths is normally enough to go full hollow)
By Anonymous
Or just stand next to the barrels in shaded woods.
By Smithy_Winfred
Testing against Harvest Valley Giants with +0 flames AND +4 flames, fully hollowed, 75 int, 8 fth, tested with Fire Orb, Fire Ball, and Combustion. +0 flames: Dark Pyro outdamaged by ~20% +4 flames: Dark Pyro outdamaged by ~10%. Seems like damage bonus is a flat increase, rather than a percent increase (makes sense, since scaling is typically not affected by weapon level). Seems to range depending on the type of spell, but seemed to hover around 50-80 damage increase. The more you upgrade the flames, the less significant that 50-80 damage becomes. Unless you want to run 100% pyro (or combo with Forlorn weapons) this might not be worth it
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By EvilUnicornLord
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So a lesser known feature about the Sin stat is that the status of wretch increases your maximum hollowing by a whole lot. Has anyone tested to see if that increases the damage even further? Perhaps a glass cannon pyro build is in the works.
By Anonymous
Equip regular flame and dark flame along with any pyromancy to see the fire dmg, dark flame may show higher dmg output but if you are not HOLLOW it will decrease the value significantly. IE: regular flame with fireball 125 + 119; dark flame with fireball 150 - 121 (33 Faith now hollowed)
By Anonymous
How useless. Im glad I didnt upgrade this
By Anonymous
Lmao I just upgraded it fully, and came here just after the fact.. Oh well, the regular was already at 10+ and I had 25 fire seeds so I guess it's ok
By Anonymous

On the above chart it would look like the high base damage would cancel out limited (or zero) scaling from being human. It does NOT behave that way.

Instead, if you are human, you'll receive something like -260 (negative) scaling, bringing you to like 40 fire damage. Your fireballs will be doing garbage damage.

I'm putting this warning here because my friend that I'm co-oping with went with this flame because he saw the higher base damage. He fully upgraded it. Now he needs to track down every fire seed in the game if he wants to use pyromancy. There's no way to get seeds back, and if he wants a +10 flame without going into NG+ he has to kill an NPC.

TLDR: Upgrade normal pyro flame before this one unless you like running around with half HP.
By Anonymous
Hi, you can upgrade the pyro flame with no limits after you enter a certain memory with a certain boss (no spoilers, but he's very big). The fire seed is near the fight, and it's also one if not the best farming spot for souls in the game
By Anonymous
So, since folks are complaining and what not - here's a real simple, empirical test.

Both the Base Flame +2 and the Dark Flame +0 have a 150 listed AR. When this thing says you have to be hollow, you have to be VERY hollow.

Tested thusly - The "A" rated +2 flame gave me a 137 scaling adjustment - which led to a 306 damage Fire Orb against a Things Betwixt Basilisk. While hollow (1), switching to the "S" rated +0 Dark flame gave me on MINUS 94 scaling - and a 264 Fire Orb against the same target (it's also worth noting that a 231 point difference in scaling only resulted in 42 points difference in damage).

Going to Hollow (2) raised the Dark flame's scaling to -67.
Hollow (3): -41 scaling
Hollow (4): -14 scaling
Hollow (5): PLUS 13 scaling
Hollow (6): +40 scaling
Hollow (7): +66 scaling
Hollow (8): +93 scaling
Hollow (9): +120 scaling - I went for another Fire Orb test - 305 (+2 basic flame) to 301 (+0 Dark flame) - the 17 points difference in scaling came out to 4 points of damage
Hollow (10): +147 scaling (315 damage with the Dark flame - interesting to see how the +10 scaling came out to +10 damage, when all the other tests were roughly 4-5 scaling to 1 point damage)
And finally returned myself human (back to negative 121 scaling)

Since it's not enumerated anywhere here - you got approximately 27 scaling per level of Hollow (I got 268 total over 10 levels). The slightly increased Fire Orb damage to a standard target seems highly insignificant when compared to having 25% or 50% less health.

Obviously these tests were not run with both Flames leveled fully to +10 - I wanted to use the one point where they share a damage baseline (150).
By Anonymous
I should add, the scaling was based on my stats of 30/30 INT/FTH.
By Anonymous
Well done, solid contribution. I don't have the numbers but this is very similar to what I observed. This thing isn't generally worthwhile for almost any reason.
By Anonymous
be safe firend
laurentius would change his mind i guess(LOL)