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By Anonymous
Can using this get falconer's to drop sun medals in the base game?
By Anonymous
Yes it can. They are rare drops though so be prepared to only get 2 or 3 medals per ascetic. Make sure you to use all the item discovery buffs you can i.e. Traveler's headpiece, covetous silver serpent ring, rusted coins etc.
By Asakim
Another farming strat is use a bonfire ascetic at the priestess' chamber and go into the cave and beat the first 3 knights and drop down once kill everything and in a corner there is 3 bonfire ascetics, beat the gank trio(I would recommend either the summons, parrying at the correct time, or watch Ray Dhimitri on youtube the way he does it is really good and fairly easy) than rinse and repeat:)
By Anonymous
It's a wiki. Please spend your time fixing it instead of complaining.
By Anonymous
he isnt complaining he is giving advice lmao
By Anonymous
do messages placed only show for people with same intensity on that location?
By Anonymous
What about servants quarters
By Anonymous
Do broken wooden chest respawn? I accidentally broke the one in black gulch (i think it would have an divine blessing in it)
I used a bonfire ascetic and it didn't respawn.
By Anonymous
ok i think it was the "wrong" bonfire for that chest (the one behind the statue)
By Anonymous
Can i get more soul of the king by using this in shrine of amana?
By Anonymous
No, the king's soul and his armor will not respawn using a ascetic.