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By Anonymous
The outdoor areas of the broom tower aren't "snowy" :D That's ash.
By Anonymous
I hate it when people put the message "liar ahead" like there is an illusory wall there, but you check anyways because you want to be sure there isn't.
By Anonymous
It's just a troll community nowadays...
By Bellis2019
You’re telling me all the messages saying “illussory wall ahead” weren’t trolling me? No wonder hitting the walls wasn’t doing anything...
By Anonymous
Man, this community is so cancer sometimes... "HiTtInG WaLlS wAs DaRk SoUlS TrAdItIon" like do you even read what are u writing? Jesus... This change was on of many very good changes from first DS, it objectively took less time and let you discover walls easier. The only bad thing about that was that game did not inform you about that, I was struggling with hitting walls too before I read that you need to click action button. Its great change, but it should be acknowledge by the game.
By Anonymous
Dude, it was Not a good change... And btw you can also open illusiory Walls in DS 1+3 by simply rolling.
Simple. Fast. Bretter.
By Anonymous
Stupid design, should have made it attackable!
By Anonymous
Totally agree, there is no consistency with the two other dark souls games. It was natural when I started with the third game so it was logical when I went through the first. But man no I just realized that I played this game for 50 hours thinking all the illusion messages when trolls...
By Anonymous
Hitting walls is just a fun tradition in Soul series.

The way they designed this way in DS2 is just so stupid.

Glad they have brought back the mechanism in DS3.
By Anonymous
Ohh! But Not so at King's Field.
By Anonymous
Because it was in DS1 doesn't make it tradition. It was in one game.
By Anonymous
Brightstone Cove Tseldora: Chapel Threshold Bonfire - Wrong Reward
"In the Prowling Magus boss entrance room. The wall will be to the left of the entrance. Reward: Estus Flask Shard"

The reward is wrong, you don't get theEstus Flask Shard, but the Priestess set.
(Tested in Scholar of the First Sin)
By Anonymous
I got an estus shard without scholar of the first sin