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Go flame swathe and lingering flame! The best!
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Yeah, Straid sure knows how to make good pyromancies!
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but easy to dodge
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Feeble Cursed One!
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I released Navlaan on NG. Is he still free on NG+?
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Navlaan i believe will reset just like all the NPCs in the game
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How do I increase primacy use?
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get more of the attunement stat or equip certain items like felkins hood or northern ritual band
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level up attunement or ATN. PS: needs alot of investment or equip two of the same
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equip the same spell twice and increase ATN .. alot
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if you don't pick a magic class at the start of the game, can you still use magic? i can't use any magic items and idk if it's because i'm a warrior or if i need to up my stats.
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yes you just need to lvl attunement an intelegence
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Thanks! That helped me a ton! :)
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You can do anything to your character, you need to up your faith and/or intelligence
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By DarkLordAparat
Not Necessarily, In Order To Anything With Magic, You Need To Focus On Attunment And (Depending On The Type Of Magic You Use) Intelligence Or Faith.
By Anonymous
Magic is as follows. All magic users use the ATN stat. This unlocks spell slots and increases the amount of uses each spell has but it requires a lot of points. Think you get your first slot at 10 and another every 3-4 levels after give or take. You can also equip rings that give you more slots. INT Is for Sorcery magic, FTH is for Miracles, and both INT and FTH combined are for Hex and Pyromancies. To cast a spell you must first equip a catalyst for sorcery, a chime for miracles, a pyromancy flame for pyromancies, and hexes use either a catalyst or a chime depending on the hex. Dark orb is one of the best hexes in my opinion and in this game it requires a catalyst. Then you most go to a bonfire and attune a spell. After that the chime/catalyst/ pyro flame light attack will cast that spell.
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No, catalyst just means the tool the spell uses. All magic uses a catalyst.
Sorceries use staves (plural of staff), miracles use chimes, pyromancies use flames and hexes use either staves or chimes.
Staves, chimes and flames are all forms of a catalyst.
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It’s not as simple as hexes scaling with INT and FTH, it scales with whichever is lower, pyromancy scales evenly, NOT hexes
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I will pass down to you the wisdom of a thousand Souls veterans, git gud
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Does it make any sense to go higher than 30/30 FTH/INT?
I'm 40/40 right now and thinking about spending the points otherwise.
By DTPandemonium
If you don't care about getting a certain level it's ok but getting 99 vigor or endurance is better. at 30/30 normal pyro flame gets 441 damage and at 99/99 it gets 510. At around base stats it gives 338 damage. Should be good for pure pyromancer.
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The soft cap for pyro damage is 60/60
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Regular pyro flame DMG is mostly dependent on the flame's upgrade level. Dark pyro flame on the other hand, has far superior scaling when fully hollow and can make quite a difference. Other than dark pyro the scaling isn't huge and you can get away with a lower int/faith level to put points elsewhere.
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Master of pyromacy trophy not poping up. I have all including dlc ones. It showed on my screen but trophy remains locked.... Any help?
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You probably missed great chaos fireball, you need to either get 500 rank points in the brotherhood of blood covenant or go into ng+2 and buy it from Llewellyn (bonfire ascetics don’t work).
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Do you have forbidden sun from Navalaan?
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I always use pyromancy to kill gank squads, because it always reminds me of a chicken roast.
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That's a FOUL note!
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You missed a chance to say fowl disgraceful
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He just misspelled 'fowl, foul' I think.. Lots of people do
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Thank you for your service