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This maps Sucks
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I agree
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Your grammar sucks
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Why there is no mini map when you play the game
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because they didnt want to include one.
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its dark souls, thats why
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because it breaks immersion and is also incredibly lame
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I googled for a 3d Render of Dark Souls 2's map. There's so much overlap. You take an elevator up out of Earthen Peak into Iron Keep, it makes no sense! This world is as messy as my character's mind, perfect gameplay to match the themes.
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the world is your characters hollow dreams
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I believe tho, that some enemies/parts of the game were mixed up, like some enemies are misplaced and sh*t:

For example, the cage in Aldia's Keep (where you fight the Guardian Dragon boss), that cage has tattered sheets everywhere, the dragon's breath would burn the whole cage, it doesn't fit for the dragon... If you will inspect the cage, you will see some hanging "hooks" that looks exactly like the sickles held by the Torturers. I believe that the cage was originally intended for something else... Textures look like "horror" theme, where Torturers, Hunting Dogs, Undead Aberrations, etc would fit better... And the boss would be The Rotten. Even The Embedded would also fit, so that it would be like Silent Hill-ish rusty theme area (The Gutter has many "abominations", only the dog is *cough*)... But they decided to mix things up.
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Thanks to you for the maps
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Where the **** are the actual maps? You know. Where items are, where to go?
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By AntonShea53
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If you're asking where the area walkthroughs are, they're on every single area page.
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still not SOTFS maps wow
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Full map with DLC is on the Polish language version website.