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By meyend81
Glyph: sz73v83s

extra items:

. layer 3 great one coldblood (key room)

. layer 4 formless oedon (boss bonus room)

. rare materials in treasure room (comes with high quantity)

. a weapon
By Anonymous
What type of dungeon is this? Like what area and rites? It keeps telling me I don't meet the requirements but thought I'd made every type of dungeon before. Curious what I'm missing, but don't want to methodically build every single dungeon type again cause farming the mats is brutal :/
By Anonymous
Nevermind, I completely missed the part where it says Phtumeru Ihyll right up there. Could've sworn I made that one, even with the additional rites. Huh.
By Anonymous
Can some one explain what I need to do to create it, i have already created a depth 4 cursed and defiled root calis, with all 3 options, and when I search for this one, it says you don't meet the requirements
By meyend81
author did a mistake, it wasnt the cursed and defied chalice which i just edited it.
By Anonymous
there's also a second old great one coldblood in the same location: v3krwpyp if you go under the candle elevator you'll find a lot of items and one of them is the old great one coldblood
By Anonymous
it’s the same dungeon completely and if you go up the elevator there is one under there is one in the hall another if you go the other direction to the stairs and at the top is the 3rd one
By Anonymous
So I'm assuming that these can only be found in various root chalices? In other words you have to play online in order to get them?
By Anonymous
you can get them offline, just with a lot of RNG rather than "go to this glyph here"
By Anonymous
I made a great ethyl dungeon with 2 on the floor
By Anonymous
I had assumed you were poking fun at the sentence structure of the item description, and was gonna say that it was correct but since you were in fact drawing parallels to Lovecraft's Old Ones I simply give a thumbs up!
By Anonymous
the root is only 3 layer update your ******* info
By Anonymous
This one adds 50k echoes.
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By Callyste
Good thing the wiki is community based, which means you can edit it yourself.
By Anonymous
You can edit it yourself, you stupid *****