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Code xktcvpjm isn’t working anymore
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I used crafts miracle whip in my first playthrewgh ask me anything
By Anonymous
Balder side sword+notched whip
By Anonymous
Best weapon in all of From software games. Something about the cane.... IMO it's the best weapon in BB. Early game ppl say this has low damage but not really, the bonus of serration on beasts cancels that out for the most part, since 95% of enemies in early game are beasts. The moveset is PHENOMENAL. Arguably the best range out of all BB weapons, it has blunt, thrust, and serration in whip form. This is THE best weapon to start this game with.
By Anonymous
My first playthrough was waste of skin with a cane, and I LOVE this thing, never used another weapon. Early game will be rough, but once you get past yharnam it'll be smooth sailing - you'll learn the game a lot quicker that way and start to gid gud immediately.

I really recommend this combo for any series veterans who want to get into BB, you'll manage the early difficulty just fine if you're used to the frustration.

Fear the old blood, good hunter
By Anonymous
Un-transform the weapon from a neutral stance to assert dominance.
By Anonymous
Whipping α large column of enemies to death and then doing this is frankly the most satisfying thing in this game.
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