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By Anonymous
Corrupted yharnamite drip
Milkweed Caryll rune and Kos parasite or Beast Embrace Caryll rune and the Beastclaw
Whatever helmet and gloves gives you the stats you want most (this will be covered by the Rune)
Sweaty Clothes
Father G or Gehrman's trousers
By Anonymous
My fave drip that i wore till end game
Gold Aredo,
Tomb prospector set.
White Church Pants (Female)
Constable Gloves
By Anonymous
I grew up playing assassins creed so I made an outfit based on that

tomb prospecter hood
yharnam hunter for the rest
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Are the characters showcasing the main game's sets supposed to be Rei and Gendo from evangelion lmao
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Gold Ardeo (cone head)
Graveguard chest
Graveguard arms
Charred hunters pants
By Anonymous
Henryks hat
Old Hunter chest
Yarnham hunters gloves
Charred hunters pants
By Anonymous
Gold cone thingy
Yarhagul set
Old hunter gloves
henryk's pants

i call it the great one seeker

i use it in new game plus with the burial blade
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
ik my fashion is emo or bad but i have:
beak mask
crowfeather garb
either crowfeather manchettes,maria hunter gloves or knights gauntlets
bone ash leggings

let me know if it is decent
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