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By Anonymous
You can parry the armed one on the path up to the second lantern, if you're brave/stupid enough to get stuck in front of him. When he's reaching his right arm (the one carrying the hook) across his body to swipe at you, shoot him and you'll open him up for a visceral. High risk but very high reward, especially if you have Clawmark runes.
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By pmfpires
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Ludwig gave me less problems.. and first vigar. Those talking about parry probably are playing other game.. Not BB.
By Anonymous
na parrying is the correct term and Bloodborne does have parrying and you can parry the well sharks
By Anonymous
This obvious thing deserves to be mentioned: if unarmed one grabs you and kills while chewing, you will be swallowed. If you survive his breakfast, he will let you go.
By Anonymous
Vote you mean
By Anonymous
"Give up" well, that give me hopes.
By Anonymous
Parrying is the way, with the viceral boosts the first one loses 60% of his health in two hits. Then just finish him off. The second one is easier to deal with.
By Anonymous
the most hardcore boss of bloodborn
By Anonymous
More like the most cancerous bullsh*t enemy FromSoft has ever created.
By Anonymous
Apparently they rarely drop damp bloodgems. Got a Warm damp one (bt scaling +14.2, bld atk 6.8) from the anchor one outside the lighthouse. Anyone know its drop rate?
By Anonymous
I'm glad they're parriable at least but I wish you could dodge out of the charge attack once it hits you. Not really any point in making it a multi hit if it will oneshot you regardless, might as well just make the first hit kill.
By Anonymous
Decided to play Bloodborne on my main who’s on NG+7 yeah these absolute wankers ruin my day, They hit harder than Lady Maria. WHY
By Anonymous
Because lady maria hits like girls, these are shark bois from Birmingham
By Anonymous
I've NEVER had this much trouble with an enemy or boss in the entirety of the soulsborne series. Nothing about this enemy is enjoyable in the slightest, it has WAY too much HP, deals WAY too much damage, and just overall fighting this enemy is the equivalent of having someone stomp your urethra in with high heels. Ludwig was hard as ***** but at least he was fun to fight but this, THIS IS NOTHING BUT PAIN.
By Anonymous
That is the way of fish man
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