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Yeah this whole thing confused me. I didn't give her the knife, and when she told me about summoning the demon I told her to sod off and she said she'd do it alone. But the quest was still there saying I had to take her to Sundermount. So I did and ended up having to kill the clan :P Would love to know how you prevent that? Do you just not go? (PM me if you want to avoid spoilers)

To not kill the clan you MUST choose the bottom choice. The first two choices result in you attacking the clan.

I don't see how slaughtering an entire camp of elves is nice though >.>. So I never ever want to defend Merrill and end up slaughtering the whole camp, just cause she used blood magic.

Gaining the friendship points has nothing to do with being "nice". It's about being supportive of Merrill. If you choose the "I'll take responsability" response, you are basically telling Merrill that you don't support what she's trying to do, hence the rivialy points. Being supportive or not are both valid choices, depending on what kind of character you choose to play. It's just Merrill's story is so tragic already I often find it difficult to choose anything other than the safe option where everyone walks away alive. Well, almost everyone.:crying:

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Depending on your dialogues choices, Merrill can die after the battle with the Pride demon (I think, not sure on this point).

She cannot die here.

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On full friendship, Merrill will keep the eluvian and presumably keep working on it, though you can convince her to do other things in the meantime, rather than obsessing over it. If on the rivalry path, you can convince Merrill to break the eluvian and tell her to focus on "helping the alienage" or a few other options.

I don't see it as Hawke convincing Merrill of anything here..on the friend path, Merrill realizes that she needs to start living for herself and not her people/clan.  We don't know if she will keep working on the mirror but if she does, it will be because she wants to do it as a hobby and not for 'her people/clan'.

On the rival path, she's almost angry at the mirror and how it's affected her life/clan and proceeds to destroy the thing. 

Hawke can make suggestions on what she should do afterwards (study Dalish history and helping the alienage are two possibilities for both friend and rival).
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I'm not sure whether I should give her the knife to repair the mirror. What are the outcomes of each action? (I don't care about spoilers)

If you don't give her the Arulin'holm, you're siding with the woman who backed out of her deal to give Merrill the tool and Merrill rightfully hates you for it.

If you give it to her, you're recognizing that Merrill did the task and Marethari backed out of her deal, and that Merrill is deserving of the mirror.

At least that's how I've always seen it. Both games have given lots of information to prove that there is no danger from the Eluvians.

So -- were I you -- I'd give her the Arulin'holm. But, it's up to you

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There is a way to avoid killing her clan you know lol

Indeed, but it involves being kind of an *** to her, and after seeing my response, I just decided to reload and go ahead with the slaughter.

When it said "I'll take responsibility", I was expecting Hawke to fess up about letting it get that far in the first place, and allowing them to blame him for the Keeper's death, not "Merrill is dangerous and she wont be hurting anyone again".

I roleplay my Tobias Hawke to only saying "I'll take responsibility" because it's what the clan wants to hear, and not what he actually believes. He knows that Merrill's in enough pain because of Marethari's death -- and the other clan members in Act II -- and he doesn't want her to be in even more pain.

He knows Merrill was right the whole time. He knows Marethari was in the wrong. But he's just good at reading people and sees that the clan -- all due to Marethari's baseless lies about Merrill -- only wants a scapegoat and they'll leave.
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Maybe it's not allowed to 'awaken' 5 month old topics but hell.

I'm on my 6th/7th playthrough using different DOA++ save games (which i luckily had a backup off.) and this savegame i went with Morigan into the Eluvian in Awakening. but reading the reactions here the choices you make mean nothing, deny quest- still get it, refuse the knife- still tries to fix mirror, refuse to help summon the demon- still get quest to do so.

I take it this is the same mirror that was broken in DAO and where you took a shard off (so it would never be complete anyways).
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'Both games have given lots of information to prove that there is no danger from the Eluvians.'

This is metagaming though. If you're roleplaying, all Hawke knows about the eluvain is that it killed one person and sickened another (if you have a DAO Dalish elf playthrough imported) or it killed two of her clan. So, from Hawke's point of view, this mirror is extremely dangerous, so it could be seen that in refusing to hand over the arulin'holm Hawke is trying to protect Merrill.
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hwmonky wrote: Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:40 pm The entire game has story line flaws and it really screws up the emersion factor. Example; after Hawks Mother is killed and Isabella has her heart felt moment with Hawk in the bedroom, Hawks emotions go right back to normal other than a few references from others. I know the designers and story writers would have had to put a lot more work into the game to actually sink up emotions with the situations, but man it would have been sweet to play it with a sad, angry are happy Hawk, depending on the story line. But that’s just me wanting a perfect game.
Let's be real Hawke was never gonna be Happy Hawke no matter what the poor bastard faces constant pain, loss, betrayal, and misery. Him being Happy would have just been creepy to be honest.