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By FinPeku
Hi guys! As you probably realize, AoV has not been active in a while. People are simply not interested enough. But because i'm not the biggest fan of all the drama souls that's sometimes going on in the covenant section, i'm not blaming anyone or saying any dramatic goodbyes. I'm not leaving AoV, i'm just kinda taking a break. I enjoyed very much all the few contracts and events i took part and I'd like to thank all you covenant leaders and members for keeping this very unique part of our forum alive! This community is just awesome.

If anyone (for lore reasons or something) still wants to hire me to an event as an assassin of vinheim, I'll most likely accept the offer since I won't delete my assassin build if this covenant becomes active again some day. I'll consider joining some other covenant(s) in the near future if i find some of them interesting. But until that, i'll just have fun in the arena and all the dlc areas.
By vatar5
Just curious.In what SL are AoV basing on?
By ErrJon6661
You can find the page under covenants>user covenants> assassins of Vinhiem on the Dark Souls Wiki page. It'll lay out all the details you'll need.
By TehInfamousAmos
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Oh, I still have been assassinating - just haven't been mentioning it on the thread xD
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By Serious_Much
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Is ring of favour allowed? I've forgotten and can't access page as my laptop is dead.. And I can't remember my build either. Thanks Image
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By FinPeku
Last time we talked about AoV with errjon, we were thinking about remaking the rules and possibly some other stuff too. Ring of FaP is currently banned, but i wouldn't honestly worry about the rules that much right now. I would say AoV is on a break right now. It's possible that we'll become active again in future.
By Ahhotep1
hey Fin...sent you message on psn! Will help if you still need lvl 3 help for O&S..i'll be running a low level to anor.
By ErrJon6661
So I'm back on the forums and I've been thinking about remaking this covenant for dark souls 2. I still have to get through ng before this happens but I'm wondering if there is any interest in this at all.
By morgelyn_andred
Greetings, good sires.


I have learned about this covenant recently only, and it's quite saddening to see that it's probably long inactive. Anyone here?

Would really like to join as a Darstalker faction member someday.
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