By Chromie

Bryy_Miller wrote...

There are tons of DA2 mods out already, so I doubt this is an issue anymore.

No new areas, quests, companions nothing can be done on the scale of DAO with out a proper toolset.
By MDarwin
I doubt it as well, that there will be one for DA2. But they should patch the DAO TS at least!
By Anathemic
It's not gonna happen
By neppakyo

Anathemic wrote...

It's not gonna happen

I agree. DA2 will be the shortest lived BW game. People are still playing BG/NWN due to the mod community. There's still lots of NWN1 persistant worlds being played

Imho, its a little too late for any kind of DLC's. Many people have thrown DA2 on the shelf to collect dust and play other games with more replayability.
By Guest
Pretty much, no. The only reason most of us are still here is that we enjoy community banter.
By Erisono
i saw plenty of mods, for example backpacks mod, several backpacks were added to game, this not re-textures mod
so there is must be toolset for Dragon Age 2