By MattH
Varric and Isabela fight just fine with holes in their lobes, why not the Inquisitor? I'm all for more customization.
By Tarek
i want one in real life but its culturally frowned upon here, and I don't want to stick a needle through my ear XD
By Vlk3
I like this idea very much. Hope this will be possible.:)

@Tarek - it doesn't hurt at all! :)
By Thiefy
It's not something I would pick for my own pc generally speaking but a few party members have them so i dont see why it can't be added for PCs.

I mean look at all the accessories Isabela has.
By Ananka
Jewelry as part of the CC would be nice. Both piercings and earrings.
Also, I'd like the option to add facial scars, like we could in ME. And some nicer facial tatoos wouldn't hurt. Of course with the option to not have any of it.

With that said, there have been an awful lot of requests made on the boards the last week or so. I don't expect BW to be able to meet everybody's requests.

Edited by Annaka, 04 July 2013 - 05:27 PM.

By Nightdragon8
ill support this
By Trikormadenadon
I would like there to be this option but have it not linked to hairstyle, It is so annoying to find a hairstyle you like but it either does or does not have earrings and no option to have it the other way around.

I have both wanted earrings and the hairstyle I wanted did not have them, or did not want them and the hairstyle I wanted only had them with earrings. Or the hairstyle I like has earring I don't like.
By emilydsd
Drop earrings are more popular with women