By ki-valdez
yes, more hair styles, both male and female. how about dreadlocks hehe
By Mariah5
I don't mind if they don't make it a DLC, as long as there's better hair in ME3.
By Guest
Haha, I love how four month old threads are bumped up when there is still no change. I still want more hair options.....

By mya11
Agree I want for more mass effect 3 more hairstyle!!!!!!!!!!!!
By Flamesz

There really needs to be more hairstyles.
By Iosev
If anything, I'm hoping that they add more hairstyles, as well as the ability to change it throughout your game in Mass Effect 3. Maybe Jack could be the Normandy's barber/hairstylist, where people can go down to her hidey-hole to get a quick haircut (sort of like a makeshift salon).

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By The Big Nothing
Hairstyles and casual clothing.

By ki-valdez
yes, more hair. long beautiful hair...
By emilydsd
These hairstyle are awesome ideas.
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