By Kwakerz
Just had a game with exactly the same major lag (& he had text chat enabled as well), he was sporting the lone wolf banner, kept getting killstreaks with frags playing a devastator on bronze. I reconnected to him twice,will try to get a screen grab if it happens again. Didn't manage to connect to him a third time.

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By NoReapers
Dat necro.
This was already an old hat three months ago.
By Kwakerz
Yep, but still is happening :-p
By Anonymous
very late to the convo but I found this pretty early when I searched it. You dont need mods. You have to pull up the console by pressing Shift+Tab and the type "say hello there!" and when you hit enter the text will show up in lower left of the screen as "hello there!"

Anyone can do it. I would post the link where I found it but guests cant share links I guess. It was a tumbler page called "So I daydream, constantly., How to chat in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer"