By CheeseEnchilada
Directly after Thane's death, you can go lock in a relationship with Liara on the Citadel. No one brings up the relationship with him, and he doesn't even grant the Paramour achievement, so it doesn't make you feel guilty about cheating either.

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By HowlettShark
All good now, told my blue girl that she's ma' one and only lucky star and she fell for it (the old Shepard charm!) - might go calibrate Garrus' gun in the meantime.
By Shayuri
lol...there's a 'point of no return' in ME 3 where your relationship status becomes formally 'recognized' by the plot. It's not in the same place for every character, but somewhere along the lines anyone you're in a relationship with will ask you to confirm their status (this is not what happens early in the game with rekindling an old relationship). If you say yes, other relationships vanish. If you say no, you lose the potential for relationship with that person.

In my last playthrough, I had both Kaiden and Liara invite me to the Citadel at the same time. So I had to go reject Kaiden to his face...then walk over to a spot practically in VIEW of that spot, and tell Liara she was the one.

Little awkward. Easy to imagine Kaiden just like...watching me go over there. Kind of kills the mood. :)
By HowlettShark
My point of no return is if I decide to make amends for destroying Maelon's genophage data by being passed around the male Krogan like a fat joint in a hippie's basement.
By Shayuri
...okay then!
By sacchyarine
Did it workout with liara thane liara romance? I was with liara me1 and I want to romance thane until he dies (I really like the romance story for thane) then I want to go back to liara. What should I do to make the liara and thane romances work with each other?