By JnEricsonx
In Single Player that is, if you had to choose one?
By All-a-Mort
If it absolutely had to one of these two, the Raptor without a doubt. As sniper rifles both are pretty weak, but at least with Raptor you have good firing rate and ammo count and can score consecutive headshots. Incisor...not so much.

But TBH, with a soldier build, why would you want one of these when there are better sniper rifles, and you can easily use the Mattock scoped for a Raptor equivalent?

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By JnEricsonx
Ok, what about the Viper? Though it doesn't seem as good as ME2's was.
By All-a-Mort
Again, not so great. Sniping as a Soldier, best options will be buying the BW in the Spectre shop, the N7 Valiant if you have it (or Indra), or the Mantis. Some quite like Javelin, and possibly for a soldier it might work since you can afford decent back up weapons without worrying so much about cooldowns to compensate for slow firing rate and poor ammo count. Check the SP sniper thread for more detailed analysis
By RedCaesar97
If you had to choose one, Raptor. The Raptor may be my favorite sniper rifle. Fairly light and fantastic rate of fire. Pretty good at activating ammo power effects. It works like the ME2 Viper, unlike the ME3 Viper which has a bad rate of fire coupled with average damage.
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By capn233
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One was the Incisor right? So that means the answer is automatically the other one.

Raptor is a good hybrid of the sniper and assault rifle classes and is decent under Adrenaline Rush.

In SP the vast majority of the time that my soldier had a sniper rifle it was Mantis, Viper, or Black Widow though.
By idspisp0pd
Yeah, the incisor is one of the worst weapons in the game. Raptor is decent for what it is, but it isn't a pure sniper rifle, more like a sniper/AR hybrid. As far as regular sniper rifles go, most people seem to prefer the Black Widow, N7 Valiant, Javelin, or Mantis, in that order. All of those are very good choices, IMO.
By JaegerBane
Out of the choice, I'd agree with the consensus - the incisor is such a god-awful weapon that whatever your sniping style is, the Raptor will be better at it.

I would say, however, that the Raptor really depends on what you've taken for your assault rifle choice... I'd argue its not worth bothering with if you're sporting a Saber or Mattock. If you have it, the Indra does everything the Raptor does, but better.

I would suggest that you look at this chart for further info, its been passed around the forums for a while.

A warning, however.... some of the stuff in that chart is absolute nonsense. The Incisor apparently sports some of the best Sniper Rifle DPS in the game according to that chart, so really, make of it what you will.

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By Anonymous
Really don't understand the hate for the incisor. It's what I roll with. Massive capacity, 3 round bursts to the head account for most non amoured enemies and the ones it doesn't? 6 or 9 in quick succession seems to