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By Forum_Pirate
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Those are probably old videos. The dwgr is a lot less popular now.

Not so much, nut it depends on a large number of things. A spear can do exactly that and be devastating, a zweihander cannot.

Fights are won and lost in spacing and timing, and constant rolling isn't especially good for either unless your weapon is longer and faster than your opponents
By flyingtiger
roanispe wrote:Haha, it's almost 20,000 words now, it'd be too silly to abandon it. However, I do wonder who this is for sometimes; not like there is a lot of new players these days. I'll get it done no matter, and before the next game at the very least. I had fun making it, anyways.
Not at all roanispe Image, i'm a new player and your guide has been very helpfull to me. Thank you very much!

The game is a blast, wish i had bought it earlier when it came out (i'm sure i'll with Dark Souls 2 ^^). Currently I'm building a lvl 100 dex-faith character and really want to hear veterans's thought about the use of miracles which i find a bit hard to combine and make the most use of them. So i hope you can continue your good work (if you have time of course).
By BrokenSword0514
I'm thinking about doing SL1 invasions and was wondering if you could drop some items for me as to save hours of my time. It would be much apricaiated and I would have no problem doing errands for you and the community.
I am on Xbox one
GT: BrokenSword0514 the same as my user name.
By Issacfrost
I read a lot but I wish you'd have been more concise. Because many people will shy away from this due to how much data you are dumping on them. I get the idea but PvP can be explained more concise. Maybe I'll create a more concise version.
By Zokya
The fact that this is pinned in 2022 is so cursed
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