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By Melchizedek
Hello, I found your site because I just got Dark Souls 3. It looks like you have areas dedicated to every game I love. I've been out of the loop for a while due to personal issues, is Bioware shutting down, or just their forums? Anyway, nice to meet you guys and all.

These are all games I love too, I'm just finishing the most masochistic RPG at the moment, Divinity Original Sin , Enhanced Edition on XBOX1. When I'm done, I'll be getting a deluxe version of DS3. Back to the forums. See you around.
By Jpvng
I come from bioware forum but i think this is my first post here..
I have a i5 4690 with w10 8 gb ram and a geforce 970...i hope i do not have to buy another pc to run andromeda. I intend to increase ram to 16 though
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By Eirinaki
hellow all hapy new year!!i am new to bloodborn and first time to join forums on a game i used to talk to chat...i am so huppy to join this family i hope i get used to it fast enough!!
By LUNA_76
Hellooo !!

Happy to be here ! :00020:
By Bann Duncan
Wow, I'm glad to finally be here. I got a DM from a close friend years ago when the second BioWare forum was about to be closed, telling me about the Fextralife import, but I've only just gotten a chance to drop by.

I still have my notification emails from BSN and BioWare forum, if those would work to confirm my identity.
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