By Broquisitor

When I enter an area after the Crossroads in the Hinterlands, the East Road I think, as soon as I get near to a group of enemies any controlled character of mine just plain freezes?

Other characters who haven't reached that area yet work perfectly fine and when I switch to them and backtrack the frozen Character follows again, but then everything concerning fast travelling just completely bugs out and I can't even load autosaves, it's as if the saves are corrupted. I just get a blackscreen and have to restart the game and choose a save from way earlier.

I'm having this glitch for the first time in all my playthroughs? I'm so confused. It's only in that area though. I tried googling but I found nothing.  :angry: Did any of you experience something like this? 

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By robmar
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In all my playthroughs (on computer), I've never had this problem. 

By Mysticfeline

Just started having the same problem as well. I wish I could figure out a workaround because it's making it impossible to do 'Measuring the Veil' 


By Gippel

I have the same problem. But i figured it out that it happens only if you want to start Measuring the Veil quest - that means when you have Solas in your party.

By aeazfh
i know this is an old post but did anyone here manage to find a solution? the guy above me's solution doesn't apply since i don't have any mods. a bug this big having been around for so long reflects very poorly on the developers.