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By Dragonscholar
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I was wondering how Ancient Dragons could breathe fire before the First Flame even "appeared".

I should have noticed before, but the Ancient Dragons we see never don't actually breathe fire. First, the ones in the opening cutscene don't actually attack. Second, Seathe breathes crystal magic. Third, Kalameet breathes magic rather than fire. Fourth, the Stone Dragon is never seen attacking. Fifth, the Gaping Dragon also never uses fire attacks, only spewing acid. Sixth, Priscilla doesn't use fire as well. Seventh, Undead Dragons just spew poison.

So it actually makes sense that fire didn't exist before the First Flame. Ther is only the Hellkite Drake who breathes fire, but it is a distant, later relative of dragons.

This also works with Logan's explanation of where Sorcery comes from.

I wish this logic would also work for the sequels though, but Sinh and Midir's attacks involve fire.
By Lost_Drider
This is only a speculation, but...

I believe it's supposed to be left to the player's interpretation. Of what necessarily constitutes the First Flame, as it is the product of a birth of primordial energies, there appears to be no distinct account of what the "First Dragons" were like. The Ancient Dragons that existed before humankind were primordial beings who presided over the creation of the world, and as such, are regarded as highly mysterious and magical entities. So even if the dragons didn't all have the ability to breathe fire, it could be surmised that the energies which were evoked by the existence of the Ancient Dragons was perhaps enough to guide the First Flame by dint of the dragon's ancient lineages.

If fire as an element wasn't known to exist since before the time of dragons, it could also be assumed it was created through their power somehow. That being the Ancient Dragons who were destroyed, and not the ones who came after them.