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By Fexelea
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Yes I think the structure is alright :)

The site is indeed Masurao's site on fextralife since he took "ownership" of the wiki and added most of the content. I'm sure he's very happy to have help and ideas and let other people jump in and share too, it's just there wasn't a lot of interest to add info from other JP players that just preferred to use whatever was available.

I made some changes to the "chapel of anticipation" page (王を待つ礼拝堂)

1. I changed all the links to go to Japanese pages. For items, you can do this easily by simply removing the link, then highlighting the Item or Equipment name and pressing CTRL+E. This creates a link to whatever you highlighted.

2. I changed some of the links to go to different pages like redirected Locations to "Map" because that seems to be the main page

3. I removed the broken jpg map image

4. I linked the Japanese Interactive Map page. You can get the links by opening the JP interactive map and clicking "Map Coordintes List"
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By tamayoshi
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Thank you for your correction & explanation :)

However, as I said before, I still prefer to fix the links only after we will decide how to handle the content. This is because the link may be modified depending on how the content is handled.

I want to increase the number of translation pages a little more, compare them with the contents of Masurao, and then we decide how to handle the contents.

But if you have already made a decision about how the final content will be handled, please let me know.

I do not agree with making the parallel notation of original content and Masurao content the "final form". Because it is unfriendly to users.
I understand that the current parallel notation is for comparison of contents.

Final form i think now is to keep the original translation as the main, and then add the content that Masurao wants to add as "JP version supplementary information" .
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By tamayoshi
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I found a mistake in the original site while translating STRANDED GRAVEYARD https://eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com/ ... +Graveyard.
Can i fix it? If I find a mistake in the future, can I do so without confirmation?

The mistake is in the "normal creatures and enemies" part,
・Undead Soldier to WANDERING NOBLES
・Storm Veil Soldier to SOLDIER OF GODRICK & its link (currently pointing to WANDERING NOBLES)
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By Fexelea
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I had actually edited the page more to remove the "duplicate" masurao part and left his notes under notes, you can check it out

For the links: Creating 404 pages (dead links) is generally bad as Google thinks the site is broken and it also can break internal search. So I always try and make sure links go to a correct page as I build.

And yes please feel free to fix anything weird you find. There are a LOT of people editing the ER wiki so mistakes happen and we're counting on each other to polish :)
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By tamayoshi
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I understand your editorial policy and modification of the original site.
I will stand on my own two feet as soon as possible, so please follow me for a little while longer.

I'm so grateful for your support and advice :00004:
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By tamayoshi
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STRANDED GRAVEYARD is done, but there is one (Wandering Nobles さまよえる貴人) that does not have a link.
I will create a page (just write "under construction" on the page) and translate CHURCH OF ELLEH.

There is a page titled "さまよう民" which I believe corresponds to "さまよえる貴人"
However, "さまよう民" is a mistranslation.
https://eldenring-jp.wiki.fextralife.co ... 6%E6%B0%91

The translations are based on the official guidebook.
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By Fexelea
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The JP wiki wasn't translated, it was created in Japanese, so many names will be as they were in game or as they were interpreted by Masurao. It's normal for discrepancies to exist between the official guide names and the user guides, and sometimes the official guide is actually wrong and the in-game name is the one the users have applied. So be mindful of that as many times the official guides are written pre-release and have strange errors.

Regardless, you can let me know of these instances and I will simply rename the old name to the new name, so we don't need to create new pages.

Just give me a list and I'll get them renamed.
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By tamayoshi
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About translation
・not displayed in the game.
・not match among strategy sites created by other Japanese users.
・not listed on the strategy sites created by other Japanese users.
If any of the above applies, the name listed in the Official Book will be used.

About the Correction List
Only one posted earlier.
# さまよう民→さまよえる貴人