this game is HARD i have never played a harder game in my life..i fell pathetic...
can anyone give me some tips to beat nightare mode
It really depends on your group composition. Which characters are you using?
well i like to be creative....i dont like to just leave some in the dust...i was thinking of  useing shale alistar and lelina at redcliff.....wyne alistar and morrigan at mage tower.....shale ogren and zeveran at ozamar....zeveran moriigan and sten for the woods. and sten wyne and ogren at urn of sacred ashes..and for final battle i got wynne shale and alistar...

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So which part of the game are you having difficulty and what composition are you using? It's hard to help you without knowing what exactly you're having difficulty with.
well im playin on xbox i havent tried to do nightmare mode but i want to...im gonna want to be a warrior human noble but i never use tactics really and i have difficuly with ozamar the most
Well if you're going to play a Warrior you'll probably want to become a dual wielder and have either Shale or Alistair tank. Throwing in a Rogue or Mage for support with someone healing (probably going to be Wynne) will make a fairly decent setup. Playing a DW Warrior your plan is usually to go in and destroy everything as quickly as you can (which is very very easy with a well built DW DPS Warrior).

There's a few guides in the "Builds" forum that you could read up on to figure out how to min/max a DW Warrior. If you follow those you should be tearing apart nightmare mode in no time.
have 2 mages in your party with a warrior and dog or shale as the other 2. have your mages cast sleep or ice the entire battle field, if sleep cast horror with the other mage to give them all nightmares. they will start attacking each other ( the darkspawn that is). they really are stupid when it comes to fighting. have your melee characters set for a critical hit on the first shot as if you iced the field your enemies will shatter if your level is high enough. hope some of this helps, feel free to send message if you need anymore help.
If you have a lot of problems I would actually recommend making a tank main character with sword and shield. Buff str to 42 for armor usage and then drop the rest into dexterity, if you can afford the lifegiver ring get it as soon as possible. Unflankable and immune to knockdown with a very high armor and defense rating makes those zerg encounters so much easier and doesn't require a lot of tactic to work. Just remember to taunt as many mobs as possible.

For party members I would take wynne as a healer, leliana for ranged dps and trap/chest duty then the final character is what you prefer. You could go with sten, oghren, dog or shale since they can hold their own for a while and still make good dps, or you could just take Morrigan if you want to play around with crowd control or want 2 healers. Zhevran is not so good unless you want to micro manage.



I don't know if anyone is still playing this game, but here are a couple of clues that are working well for me so far on "nightmare".

1) Try to kill mages or enemy with magical powers first.  They can reach out to you effectively at a distance.

2) This is the real secret.  Once the enemy with magical powers are dead, find a small corner or squeeze space that has room for only one person, or for several people in single file.  If you found the right one, the enemy will not be able to squeeze in, and won't be very effective with arrows either.  They'll stand jumping up and down, and you can shoot them at leisure, renewing your health every once in a while for the stray arrows that manage to hit you.  You can pull this off even if 3 others in your party are dead.

If they are not in the right position for shooting, you can always come out, get them to chase you and go back to your squeeze space.  They should be in shooting range then.

3) When you have a mass of enemies attacking you, often the best strategy is to have your entire group run away.  Often, only a few enemy will follow you, and you can kill them separately.  An added bonus to this strategy is that once all the enemy in sight are killed, even if you know there are more waiting around the corner, any members of your party that have been killed can be brought back to life. Again, this works best if the enemy with magic are already dead.

4) There are a few merchants in Ferelden that have unlimited supplies of crafting components.  You can look them up on the internet.  If you're running low on health potions, or injury, or whatever you use, you can always interrupt your quests, travel to the right merchants, and restock your potions.  Actually, if you use the above strategies, your need for health potions will go dramatically down, although you might need a few more injury potions.



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