I am trying to find advice on defeating Loghain... and its all pretty simple stuff.

Everyone says its easy but I just can't beat him.

I have allistar he does not get knocked down with his one defense activated...

But he can't pummel him because it gets resisted.

I have my main guy a rogue.. I can stun him but I just don't do enough damage to do anything useful.

All the advice on the net is simple but for some reason it seems impossible.

Even guys in the forum say... I can beat him naked.

Seems like i have to drink all my potions and its barely enough. He inflicts lots of damage.

The only thing I can do is try some other Armour but I doubt it will help.

I must have done something wrong in the game to die so quickly here.


I'm playing and Shield Bash works as Alistair but he is really powerful. My entire team was on Archer but i switched it and still can't win the one on one battle. 

Just played again and shield bash did not work. I think I had to do cleanse first... I am using Level 7 Armour and equipment. 

If you are playing on nightmare,no it's not easy it's pretty unfair really as an elite boss in a 1 vs 1 your character is technically more weak than him.
Same if you try to fight Cauthrien at Howe estate,she is very strong.
It's more easy to win by challenge him and his soldiers togheter.
On my last play i wasn't interested anymore in following the game dictates (basically elite boss super powerful) i pumped my character  with so many stats and attributes that was more akin to a Dragonball character rather than a Dragon age one.


I remember Loghain being a tough fight but I don't play on Nightmare.  Yeah I think I have Alistair fight him for me.  What is your equiptment for Alistair?  What sword do you use?  Maric's sword?  What runes are you using on the sword? Do you have the lesser and regular health poultices?  How did you build Alistair?   That's all I can think of right now.  :)

It honestly surprises me that someone could struggle to beat Loghain.
That said and since your Warden is a rogue, my specialty, here is my method for beating Loghain.

- Drop into Stealth. Ideally, you have Master Stealth.
- Lay a trap, Spring Trap or Bear Trap being the best ones.
- Apply poison to your daggers. Fleshrot is best but add every other poison you have too.
- Hit him with Mark of Death from behind the trap you laid, then step back a little as he runs onto it.
- Hit him with Dirty Fighting and facestab him to death.
If you have Paralyse Runes in your daggers and Fleshrot poison, chances are he won't get the chance to fight back.

This method also works as Zevran.

Thanks for the tips on beating Loghain as a rogue!  I'm currently playing hard as a rogue and I'll have to give that a try.  In previous playthroughs, I always used Morrigan to beat him.



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If you had the ranger spec, you could summon a Great Bear or something similar with Master Ranger. It's always a joy to see Loghain get Overwhelmed.

I do something similar with my mage shapeshifters.

Shapeshifter Extraordinaire

Thanks for the tips on beating Loghain as a rogue! I'm currently playing hard as a rogue and I'll have to give that a try. In previous playthroughs, I always used Morrigan to beat him.

No problem, going with what you know is a wise choice.
Whenever I play another class, I fight Loghain with Zevran that's how I know it works with him.

I just have not tried Morrigan to fight Loghain.

But For Allistar I got mostly Cailin's Amour + Shield and Imperial Edge Silverlite sword.

For My Character: Drakeskin stuff. Aodh + Bloodline silverlite. 

I have not found any weapons that could use any runes. I have no runes on weapons. 

I am watching battles on the internet and those guys are fighting him with way better stuff. 

I never got lock-picking capabilities high enough to open stuff. Apparently there is some Legendary outfits and items... 

I have just been plucking away through it. Finishing plots and getting stuff that is easy to find.  

I am in Hard difficulty. not nightmare. 

I will try Morrigan But i believe she will die quickly she has no good armour.


I think the Dwarf set of armor  you find in the deep roads is pretty good.  Legion of dead or something or other and it's free you just have to look up where to find the pieces.  I don't remember where they are anymore.   Maric's blade I think is in return to ostergar dlc.  I don't have Starfang which is in the Warden's keep dlc.  Alistair needs a Heaver armor set though.