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By skarekrow13
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We'll see about the This was as clear as I could get with adjusting a bunch of things. Also the reticle didn't interfere with the writing as it was so I figured the hawk ring was worth the trade off of a closer, focused picture. Jerk
By alchemydesign
Playfairs, looks to me, not fates
By kingkush420
lol i thought it was playfails
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By skarekrow13
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So misc. findings around there. I didn't go anywhere near where you told me to. I didn't have to go further than the first room with books. There are repeating patterns of books with no "unique" features that I can tell. Everything repeats at some point. Apart from "TOM" I, II and IV, I couldn't tell what any other book said. The ones where characters were visible were either badly scuffed looking or not in English or any language I'm familiar with. Playfails always appears next to the TOM series which is interesting that this grouping contains the only legible print in the place. On the book in question I agree with kingkush that it looks like "playfails." I checked at least half a dozen of the same book to see if anything else was visible. The missing word is pretty damn tough. You can rotate the picture upside down and it LOOKS like it makes more sense but to me it's something like "RELLIWS" The "R" "E" and "S" are questionable in that configuration. Right side up it looks like "SMITTSY"

However, comparing the font to the rest of the book the "Y" is lower case posing as capital and they clearly use "T" as a "T" not an upside down "L"
Interestingly, my first picture shows that the weird word is actually more pronounced but less legible somehow. Almost as if it was modified after the book was originally made. Maybe we should check other languages for that upside down "L" character and see what we come up with.
By Shabbalaba
PlayFair's Skills. Family antiquity vol 9


PlayFail's Skill. Family antiquity vol 9

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By skarekrow13
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The problem with "skills" is that it's only six characters long and the missing word is seven. I do see what you mean though.

EDIT: Right clicking on my pic and "open in new tab" then ctrl + is helpful. The picture's best resolution is actually when it's a little bigger.
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