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By Anonymous
Rarely, Ibrahim will sell the real grimoire if you check his special finds. Only ever saw one in my first playthrough go through his shop so maybe some of yall can get lucky like I did
By Jeriks
I am pretty sure Ibrahim's Special Finds contains items that you have sold to vendors, so you probably sold the book to a vendor prior to buying it from Ibrahim?
By Anonymous
Jeriks I didn't know that I'm a different person from the guy ypu replied to but yeah that's useful if I need to buy something back in a Playthrough
By Anonymous
If you do Spellbound first, make sure when talking to Myrddinn after handing him the forgeries to 'tell him about Trysha', if you refuse to do so the quest completes and you get NO rewards.
By Anonymous
This is absolutely NOT TRUE. If you do this YOU MUST GIVE HIM THE RING TRYSHA GIVES YOU. Otherwise he'll keep sending you away.
By Anonymous
I just did the quest by giving 2 original and 3 forgeries. He will give lesser gold but still give u the scroll mastery and the robes. I got 6k gold off him for it
By Anonymous
Forgot to mention. This is when accepting Trisha's quest but not completing it. And only completing his quest
By Anonymous
He wont come out of his home. I did spellbound and finished it. But i think because the game does not expect you to have made a copy of the books. He wont come out of the door to speak with him. I think i need to do spellbound half way....Come to him and finish him with the fake ones.. and then go back to finish spellbound.
By Anonymous
Try getting into the house through the balcony, then go downstairs to aggro him. Run upstairs and then wait for him to follow you up the stairs. Once he reaches the top of the stairs go back out the balcony jump down then go back to his door out front it should trigger him coming out. Remember to have the courtly outfit equipped. That's what worked for me anyway.
By Anonymous
It definitely expects you to forgery them. The new tomes get misspelled when reforged, which doesnt normally happen.
By Anonymous
This guy is psychotic; he asks for Let There Be Light but my dude has it in his house. Is he riddled with dementia or does he not realize he's asking for the book he already has?
By Anonymous
Maybe he's aware of new game plus wouldn't surprise me since he's asking for it Itsuno has some characters obviously or subtlety reference the third and fourth wall
By Anonymous
this guy doesn't seem to care whatsoever what he gets. I just scammed him with 3 forgeries and still got the maister spell, so it's enough to just collect 3 books, scam this guy and keep the real ones for the other quest
By Anonymous
I'm wearing the courtly set and he won't talk to me. Came out, told me to go away and went back in just like he's done before. Is it because I also had headgear?
By Anonymous
Update - took the headgear off, he came out and refused me again. Also tried killing him and reviving him at the morgue to see if it reset his behaviour and that didn't work.

Then I went and reclassed to Mage, came back, and he gave me the quest. There's an earlier comment below that got downvoted loads for suggesting this, but it's absolutely true in my case.

If he won't give you the quest, switch to Mage.
By Anonymous
Leave your pawns outside and come alone
By Anonymous
Should you need a extra copy of towering earth, you can use the thief vocation and 'plunder' one from Elsa in Battahl ropeway station two,
By Anonymous
Thanks mate
By Anonymous
I showed him the ring after doing Spellbound and he keeps telling me "Leave me. I shall hear word of my daughter from Eini, not from you." Do I have to trek half the map back to talk to Eini? This quest is so confusing
By Anonymous
EDIT !!! I waited a day (4 bench doze-offs) and returned to speak to him; I was merely confused by the quest tip not changing
By Anonymous
I will keep this in mind for secret outcome thanks
By Anonymous
I gave him 2 real grimoires and 1 forgery and still managed to get all the rewards (after completing trysha's quest correctly and getting the appropriate rewards).
Why? I accidentally used both of the duplicate grimoires from the waterfall chest right away on the lich (went through the dungeon before knowing about the grimoire quests) so I was forced to complete the quest in this way