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By Anonymous
I hope they made an easter egg or a quest about Hanna and Ethan from Dragon's Dogma anime.
By Anonymous
Correction: It's either Hannah* or Hanna*
By Anonymous
for such a big game with so many npcs, only ~88 quests? isnt that a bit low?
By Anonymous
Each side quest is more like a character, with many different quests (except the main story ones).
By Anonymous
multiply by 5+ for each, 88x5+= more than 440 quests
and to include the escort's only a small portion of the game content, I played 30 hours and I am only at the first stage of the game, this game is so huge and addicting @_@
By Anonymous
@ the multiply guy: you are sooo wrong. You will notice that suddenly you are at the end of the game... i can't believe how shallow and short this game is, even with the post endgame. I was at the start of the "story" when it already ended...

Yeah you can and will spend lots of hours in this game - artificially increased play time because of the weight, stamina and travel mechanics. And it isn't too short regarding other games. But i expected so much more from a second DD game ;(
By Anonymous
Dude, the first one was also short af. Weight is made so that players cannot just horde around a whole hospital's worth of healing supplies, stamina exists becouse its ****ing stamina of course its going to exist as a way for players to not just spam attacks and win every single fight and travel mechanics are short cuts to not have to walk around to every place (literally the contrary of increasing play time). People need to learn when something is actually a bad mechanic and when its just them not liking said mechanic.
By Anonymous
Theres is not all quests here , missing quest from true ending
By Anonymous
Is it too much to ask for some type of sorting? As it is, this is hardly a guide, just a big list of quests. Chains aren't even linked together or sublisted. I know the game is new, but this is a mess.
By Anonymous
im sure wishing there was a guide showing how you can use your pc on chooseing a quest , i try to choose it and cant get it to show it right on quest log
By Anonymous
Hit the "y" key. It selects and deselects the quests

By Anonymous
Split quests like "Before endgame, Endgame" so i can know which quests i can skip before endgame?
By Anonymous
Quests in this game feels a lot more buggy and half way done. Same for main story quest. It just feels rushed.
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By NightofShadows
I am hoping the Admins here eventually make a list of missable quests and where the cut-off point is.
By Anonymous
Just your typical quests nothing more. Worst one are escort quests in front your house. lol Just skip those they are repitable and always leading to same place on map.